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Now you can get access to the only comprehensive sales dashboard created to meet the needs of leading Realtors like you. To make the right decisions you need a complete picture, now you can see your entire sales pipeline from one dashboard, understand every step in the process and hold those involved accountable.

The best part? You don’t need to spend hours on following up our system will follow up for you and book your appointments. Your only job is to show up and close. No other tools needed, no hidden costs.

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Dear Elite Business Owner,

Hello this is DeJarvis Floyd aka Mr. Momentum is the high energy no nonsense CEO.

He is the perfect marketer to be on your side and have your back at all times. He is a Air Force Veteran and graduated from MTSU with a Masters Degree in Business. DeJarvis loves marketing and has a deep passion for helping business owners get leads and more importantly helping them grow their businesses to new heights.

It means you are looking for big league Visibility when it comes to making more sales and managing those sales within your organization (or your client’s organization).

Our Secret Is...

Vision! When I was just starting out in my business education, I spoke to a phenomenally successful entrepreneur, he’d built several successful businesses and achieved success by any measure. He told me that the key to that success was knowing exactly what was happening. The more he could see, the more money his business made. These are, he said, the knowns. The less vision a business has, the less the leadership can see and understand what is happening, called the unknowns, the less money they make, until eventually, they disappear altogether.

I never forgot that, and today, with years of experience in multi-million-dollar organizations, and one thing remains clear. Those businesses who have more knowns than unknowns are more successful than those who have too many unknowns.

You Need Plenty of Knowns?

That means having a detailed picture, know where your best leads come from, know how much it costs to produce that lead, know when and how quickly leads are followed up, know your sales conversion rates and every other aspect of your sales funnel.

The more of these you know, the more profitable your business will be, the more of these details are unknown, the harder it is to succeed.

Introducing The JIB Stone...

The JIB Stone is the answer for every leading Real Estate Agent just like you, who know the detail you need and want to SEE the entire sales pipeline. That means every stage of the funnel and the people who are involved with them.

As our demo video shows, we have created the first and best all-in-one platform dedicated to your sales success. Built from the ground up to provide the information you need, with every step of your sales process included, easy calendar integration showing appointments and so much more.

All this information does not come at the expense of needless complexity. Your time is valuable, which is why our dashboard is clean, uncluttered and simple to use, no need for switching between multiple expensive tools, just one layout, one tool, everything you need.

Best of all, you don’t need to have tech skills to get the most out of it.

Our dashboard is ready to go the moment you subscribe; you can be up and running with the entire dashboard in about an hour. We provide two tutorial videos that walk you through the setup, how to connect your sales process to the dashboard, creating a smooth, simple onboarding at your own pace. If you wish, for a small fee one of our technicians can set up the system for you, although for most people, you really can do this yourself.

Get your free demo today!

That’s an entire year’s worth of access to the first and best all-in-one dashboard for your sales processes, all for about the cost of a good lunch.

Who would ever turn that down?

The JIB Stone Dashboard is the difference between sales success and a year of struggling. As soon as you activate your account and get up and running, the information YOU need to stay ahead of the competition is right there at your fingertips.

I can’t wait to see how high you close more deals then ever before,

~ DeJarvis Floyd

Unlimited Pipelines


You can create as many Sales

Pipeline dashboards as you'd like

so that you can SEE and TRACK

your sales processes and sales

funnels at all times.


Every lead you generate becomes a

new Opportunity front and center

in the JIB Stone dashboard.

This now becomes your big picture

overview of how many leads are

coming in and from what source.

Sales Stages

Once your leads are feeding into

the JIB Stone dashboard you

can create as many Stages as you'd

like so that you can SEE where they

are at all times in the sales cycle

while moving them from stage to

stage accordingly.

Contact Manager

Every lead or prospect that comes

into JIB Stone is stored neatly

with all the contact information

intact for flawless management of

the relationship from suspect to

prospect to customer.

Unlimited Calendars

Your prospects or clients can now

book calls or sessions right on your

new JIB Stone calendar

dashboard. It functions EXACTLY

the same as any outside calendar

subscription service you may have.

And the best part, the data is all in

ONE place!

Advanced Analytics

The ability to track the ROI and

leads in JIB Stone is a game-

changer in the advanced

dashboard. Track stats such as

traffic and lead source,

appointment rates and even

response rates will sit right on your

JIB Stone dashboard.

Reputation Manager

If you are a business owner that

uses Reviews for you and/or your

clients, you can now manage and

optimize your Google Reviews

right from your JIB Stone


Website Builder

If you ever need to create a

professional website that can

collect leads and add them

instantly into your JIB Stone

Dashboard, you can. There is a fully

functional Website Builder inside.

No need for fancy programming -

just drag and drop!

Funnel Builder

This is a BIG ONE... Funnel builders

can range from $50 per month to

$300 per month these days. You

now NO LONGER need any of

them. There is a robust Sales

Funnel Builder right inside your

JIB Stone dashboard and you

get unlimited Funnels!

See What Others Have to Say!

The JiB Stone REPLACES the core functionality of ALL the above software.

Our Real Estate Agents report the averaging 3 to 5 new closings monthly using ONLY The Jib Stone instead of multiple different lead sources saving you Thousands PER MONTH!

This SPECIAL OFFER Expires In:

Yes, I To Put My Real Estate Business on High Performance Now!

Web-based. No installation or download required.

Zero risk. 100% 14-Day Money-Back Guarantee

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The JIB Stone Support System & Knowledge Base

Facebook Chat


You will be able to get questions answered daily in our group chat

YouTube Video Tutorials

You'll get access to our YouTube Channel video once we unleash our exclusive channel.

Video Course

You will be able to login to our STONE members area to view videos that show you how to use the POWER of the JIB Stone

Private Members Portal


As soon as you activate your Lifetime License to the JIB Stone

you will be sent a login to the private members portal where

you will activate your Dashboard, begin your set up, and get

access to training and support.

Private Facebook Group

You'll get access to the JIB Stone private Facebook Group

for ongoing communication and help.

Optional: Schedule A Web Demo

After you activate your Lifetime License to the JIB Stone, you can schedule a 20-minute Web Demo in the

Member's Area with a JIB Stone technician who will walk you through your new Dashboard and answer any

questions you may have...

Frequently Asked Questions...

Is It Easy To Get Working?

Absolutely! The JIB Stone can be up and running in less than an

hour. When you get into the members area we will direct you

to the step-by-step orientation videos that will walk you

through how to get your leads feeding into The JIB Stone right

away. No tech team required! But we do have one available if

you'd like to have this all done for you.

Does The JIB Stone Integrate With Other Platforms?

Yes. There is almost no platform that does not integrate with

the JIB Stone dashboard. Many business owners integrate

the JIB Stone with their current CRM's such as InfusionSoft or

OntraPort so that they have better visibility of their sales

cycle. Most eventually replace their entire CRM's and use only

the JIB Stone for managing their entire business at usually one third of the cost.

What Kind Of Support Will I Have?

Great question. Many business owners feel like they are on

their own when they implement new technology. Not to worry,

we have FIVE layers of support for our members: a Private

Members Area, Private Facebook Group, a Support Ticket

System, Extensive Video Archive and a LIVE Weekly Webinar

training on how to use the Dashboard to its full potential.

We've got you covered!

Does The JIB Stone Work With Windows And Mac?

Of course. The JIB Stone is cloud-based. All you need is a web

browser on your computer, tablet or phone and you are fine.

The JIB Stone can be accessed anywhere, anytime. You will even

be able to download the Mobile App if you choose!

Is the JIB Stone A Good Solution For Agencies Or For Managing Clients?

100%! The JIB Stone is ideal for Real Estate Agents because it makes them look extremely proficient

when they can SHOW a client how each and every stage of

their Sales Pipeline is performing. Clients get a detailed, big-

picture overview of exactly where each and every lead is

coming from and where they are in the sales cycle. Its a huge

breakthrough for client management.

Can I become An Affiliate Of The JIB Stone?

You sure can! Many members are so thrilled with their

The JIB Stone dashboards that they want to share this page with

as many people as possible. TheThe JIB Stone Affiliate Program

will pay you handsomely to do so. Sign up is free and details

are in the private members portal after you activate your license.

How Many Users Do I Get?

When you activate your License to The JIB Stone it

comes with unlimited users so you can add your entire team to our system.

Does The JIB Stone Let Me Do Email Marketing And Text Message Marketing?

The JIB Stone dashboard into a Outbound Marketing and Follow Up Machine. You get a Campaign Builder with Email Autoresponders, SMS Text Marketing, Voice Broadcasting, Outbound Phone Calling and Unlimited Users. Simply incredible!

Does The JIB Stone Have A Money Back Guarantee?

It sure does. If for any reason within the first 14-days you are unhappy with the The JIB Stone dashboard, you can email us or call us and we will gladly issue you a refund minus branding and ad cost.

How Often Does The JIB Stone Software Update?

Our software development team who built this unique Sales Pipeline Dashboard are simply the best in the business. They are constantly updating and improving every element of the platform and updates happen automatically inside your account with no added costs to our members ever!

This SPECIAL OFFER Expires In:

Yes, I Want to Put My Real Estate Business on High Performance Now!

Web-based. No installation or download required.

Zero risk. 100% 14-Day Money-Back Guarantee

Take advantage of this LIMITED TIME offer to get booked appointments for your Real Estate business.

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