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Powered BY AI

Powered By: Artificial Intelligence

Every JIB Stone Account Includes

Unlimited Funnels

Unlimited Websites

AI Workflow

Email Marketing

SMS Marketing & Phone Service*

AI Content Generation

Calendar and Appointments

AI Auto Response

Social Media


Affiliate Marketing Management


& Schedule Tasks

Unlimited Forms

& Surveys

Transparent Pricing with No Hidden Fees. No Contracts, Complete Flexibility. Cancel Anytime.

*Enjoy Affordable SMS Messaging: Inbound and Outbound texts billed at only $0.0112 per message.

*Make Cost-Effective Phone Calls: Outbound calls billed at $0.0195 per minute, and inbound calls at $0.0128 per minute.

*Get a Local Phone Number: Access a convenient local phone number at just $1.75 per month per number.

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Unlimited Funnels

Unlimited Funnels & Websites

Begin with a Clean Slate or Select from 100+ Professionally Designed Templates, Customizable with Ease Using our Intuitive Drag-and-Drop Website Builder.

Save Big: Enjoy Potential Monthly Savings of Up to $297!

Unlimited Courses

Unlimited courses and students!

Monetize Your Knowledge and Expertise with a Thriving Knowledge Business. Unlock a Comprehensive Suite of Tools to Create and Sell Your Own Online Courses!

Save Big: Potential Monthly Savings of Up to $202!

Unlimited Websites

Unlimited Websites and Templates

Elevate Your Web Presence with Effortless Elegance. Instantly Create Stunning, Professional Websites with a Single Click. Select from a Diverse Range of 100+ Professionally Designed Templates, or Craft Your Own Unique Design. Customize Templates to Perfectly Align with Your Personal Style and Professional Requirements.

Save Big: Potential Monthly Savings of Up to $72!

Unlimited Membership Sites

Unleash the Power of Membership Sites to Engage and Monetize Your Audience! Seamlessly Launch Membership Plans and Subscription Options, Providing Instant Access to Courses, Exclusive Content, and Member-Only Perks.

Save Big: Potential Monthly Savings of Up to $499!

Email Marketing

Foster Deeper Connections with Your Audience. Effortlessly Create Engaging Emails with our Pre-Designed Templates or User-Friendly Drag-and-Drop Builder. Expand Your Email List, Deliver Incredible Experiences to Your Audience, and Boost Your Revenue, All in One Comprehensive Platform.

Save Big: Potential Monthly Savings of Up to $242!

SMS Marketing

Simplify, Accelerate, and Economize Your SMS Marketing Efforts. Seamlessly Execute SMS Marketing Campaigns and Foster 1-on-1 Conversations with Customers. Cultivate a Highly Engaged Subscriber Base with Text-for-Info, Text Reminders, Text-to-Pay, and More. Our Texting Service Enhances Convenience for Customers and Drives Business Success.

Save Big: Potential Monthly Savings of Up to $99!

Limitless Social DMs

With approximately 2.91 billion monthly active users as of the third quarter of 2021, social networks are a powerful platform. JIB Stone offers UNLIMITED two-way Social Conversations, enabling you to convert Social DMs into PAYING CLIENTS! Additionally, you can effortlessly create and send invoices!

Save Big: Potential Annual Savings of Up to $120!

Unlimited Forms

Effortlessly Craft No-Code, Online Forms within Minutes Using an Intuitive, Drag-and-Drop Builder. Capture Customer Data and Automate Tasks with Ease. Our Fully Responsive Forms Adapt to Any Device, Delivering a Seamless Experience for Mobile Visitors. Streamline Data Collection and Management Like Never Before!

Save Big: Potential Annual Savings of Up to $120!

Full CRM with Unlimited Contacts

Streamline Lead and Client Management in a Single Unified Platform! Leverage Our CRM & Automation Tools to Automate Lead and Contact Management, Enabling You to Prioritize Your Core Strengths - Delivering Exceptional Products and Services!

Save Big: Potential Monthly Savings of Up to $450!

Live AI Chat Widget

Enhance Your Website with our Ready-to-Use Chat Widget that's Fully Customizable.

Capture Visitor Engagement and Maximize Interactions with Potential Clients. Deliver Instant and Relevant Responses 24/7, Acquiring More Customers. Plus, Seamlessly Sell Products Directly from the Chat Widget.

Save Big: Potential Monthly Savings of Up to $424!

[New addition:]
Additionally, Integrate AI-Powered Live Chat with ChatGPT for Advanced Conversational Capabilities and Enhanced Customer Experience.

Unlimited AI Generated Marketing Automations

Let Automation Take Care of Time-Consuming Tasks! Marketing automation made easy - no technical expertise required. With our intuitive drag-and-drop builder, you can create automated workflows in minutes. Streamline Email Campaigns, Text Messages, Instagram DMs, Facebook Messages, Lead Nurture Campaigns, Membership Access, and every step of your customer journey!

Save Big: Potential Monthly Savings of Up to $499!

Google & Facebook Analytics Reviews Management

Effortlessly Manage Your Online Reputation with Automated Analytics Reviews! No Technical Expertise Needed. Our Intuitive Drag-and-Drop Builder Enables You to Create Streamlined Workflows in Minutes. Simplify Google & Facebook Analytics Reviews, Respond to Feedback, Improve Brand Perception, and Enhance Customer Journey at Every Step!

Save Big: Potential Monthly Savings of Up to $97!

Checkout Cart with Order Bumps

Unlock Your Sales Potential with JIB Stone's Online Shopping Cart! Create Highly Converting Checkout Pages and Seamlessly Collect Payments on Your Website and JIB Stone Platform. Sell Physical and Digital Products, Subscriptions, and Memberships Effortlessly. Enhance Revenue Generation with Order Bumps, Upsells, and Cross-Sells using a Captivating Checkbox Widget that Enhances the Buying Experience!

Save Big: Potential Monthly Savings of Up to $159!

Simplify Your Business Operations with JIB Stone: The All-In-One Platform that Consolidates Essential Tools without the Hassles!1 Column

Experience Unbeatable Value with JIB Stone: The All-In-One Sales & Marketing Platform that Delivers Affordability and Comprehensive Features!

Every Account Includes:

  • Unlimited Funnels

  • Unlimited Online

  • Courses

  • Unlimited Membership Sites

  • 100+ Website & Funnel Templates

  • Email Templates & Nurture Sequences

  • SMS Templates & Nurture Sequences

  • Unlimited Forms

  • Unlimited Surveys

  • Unlimited Workflows & Automations

  • SMS Marketing

  • Send Unlimited Facebook Messages

  • Send Unlimited Instagram DM's

  • Unlimited CRM Contacts

  • Calendar and Scheduling System

  • Chat Widget

  • Google My Business Reputation Management

  • Facebook Reviews Management

  • Google & Facebook Analytics

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Effortlessly Capture Leads with our Dynamic Landing Pages, Surveys, Forms, Calendars, Inbound Phone System, and more!


Engage and Nurture Your Leads through Voicemail, Voice Calls, SMS, Emails, FB Messenger, and more!


Seal the Deal by Closing Leads with Chat, Automation, Email, SMS, Facebo1 Columnok Messenger, Instagram DMs, Landing Pages, or Stripe!


JIB Stone offers an unbeatable pricing structure. Our Unlimited Everything Plan is priced at just $197 per month.

But wait, there's more! For a limited time, you can save $367 by subscribing to our Annual Plan for only $1997 per year! That's an incredible value of just $166 per month!


Unlimited Funnels

Unlimited Courses

Unlimited Websites

Unlimited Membership Sites

SMS Messaging & Outbound Calling

Appointment Scheduler

Reputation Management

FB/Instagram Direct Messages

Lead Management

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